Cycling for Widows 2020

My name is Chris Parsons and I’m cycling 4,500 km across India to raise money for charity.

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An extraordinary day in Varanasi

Day 26 done and that makes the total 2,600 km. I’m knackered as it was a long day. The cycling part was long as we had breaks doing various things…

I nearly met my maker today

Day 24 is done, which is a relief as usual. The first 6 km of the day, coming out of Rewa, were very difficult as it was cold and the roads were terrible. I can’t even…

Going down memory lane

I’m really pleased that another day is done. I’m really close to the halfway mark after reaching 2,200 km today. Tomorrow I will be exactly at the halfway mark so that will be certainly something to celebrate…

Thinking of Las Vegas

The route was pretty flat today. The first 20 km were pretty horrible as I felt down and a bit flat. It was just ‘hard yards’ as the straight roads kept going on and on…

Feels good reaching 2,000 km

Day 20 is done and wow, what a relief. That’s 2,000 km. That’s a milestone and maybe the furthest I’ve ever cycled on consecutive days. It’s probably equal to the distance I cycled…

Feeling sore after falling off my bike

It was a near disaster today but it’s all good, I think. I reached km 60 and I was going along smoothly. There were some tailwinds and I guess I just lost concentration. Maybe I took my left hand off the bars and then I think I caught either…

Look out for tigers

Its nice to get day 18 done, edging towards the 2,000 km mark and also edging towards the halfway point, so that’s a nice thought…

Why I take on extreme challenges

So today was, I think, probably the shortest day actually out on the road, but not a personal best. I think the time wasn’t as quick because for much of the day there was…

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